We’ve incorporated a pair of Web Accelerators to your Web Site Control Panel so you’re able to conveniently enhance the overall operation of your web sites. You won’t need to customize anything at all with the program code or make particular adjustments that need technical experience on your part. In the Web Site Control Panel, only select the application you want to take advantage of – Varnish, Node.js, and Memcached and set up an instance for it. It’s all done with a mouse click. By quickening your websites, you’ll not only prevent your clients from being required to hold but can even help your website get a better position in search engine results.

You will find the Web Accelerators inside the Advanced Resources area of your Web Site Control Panel.


RAM–saving as a substitute for data base calls

Assuming you have a data–base–driven website or app, and if database calls usually reduce the overall performance, this can be really irritating for the site visitors or the web application users. Looking for a remedy usually can take a lot of time. Nonetheless, in the Flizard Technologies Web Site Control Panel, you will find there’s a remedy for you.

Memcached is a straightforward, yet strong memory–based object store, that memorizes data and objects within the RAM. By doing this, the database–saved info on your web site does not need to be requested each time a customer opens up the very same web page.

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RAM–caching rather than HTTP requests

If you’ve got content–loaded dynamic web sites with many different visuals and video clips, you’ll most certainly have to ensure that your web pages work fast for your site visitors. An incredible instrument you could use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that will help you quicken your sites without needing you to have any special tech knowledge.

Varnish saves all queries to the server in the server RAM and provides the pages promptly to the customer by eliminating brand–new calls to the server. That way, all web pages on your website are going to be loaded 300 – 1000x times faster to your visitors. You can even pick if the arriving requests will be handled by Varnish, or by the web server, and so on.

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Intended for constructing quick as well as flexible applications

Web developers are able to use Node.js for constructing various high–end and also affordable applications including market stats, real time applications and website CMS, to mention a few. It truly is fast and flexible and is supported by an active online community that is constantly promoting and sustaining it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally works by using an event–driven, non–blocking I/O model that renders the API adaptable and upgradeable. This specific modern formula helps designers to rapidly produce powerful apps by using only a single language.

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